FearLESS Friday #10: Stand Off @ the Star of India

I bet you’re thinking, FearLESS Friday #10? What? Aren’t we onto like, number 200 by now? I just realized that this little post was never published. Instead of thinking that I am really disorganized, just think of it as an ancient manuscript full of exciting surprises. After all, months ago is ancient in online time.


New foods and flavors are sometimes scary for little kids. For FearLESS Friday #10, I wanted to help my children appreciate different flavors. The idea is they will learn to try many different foods without push back. (e.g. They won’t freak out when we try Brussels sprouts for the first time.)

We splurged and took the entire crew to an Indian restaurant. Indian cuisine is vibrant and they aren’t scared of using vegetables. I just knew they would love every dish that I liked. I had visions that they would be licking their plates clean. Ha.

Big P put up a big fight and would only take one taste of the basmati rice. I gently reminded him that we serve the same rice at our house. The stand-off continued. Middle E ate plenty of deep-fried items like vegetable pakora. He eventually convinced Big P to try one. Little A ate rice, watermelon, and mango custard. Nutritionally it didn’t stand out as a shining star. That’s okay.

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