FearLESS Friday #25: I Actually Read the Nutrition Facts

fearless-friday-logoFearLESS Friday was just what I needed to jump start my confidence. It was my weekly excuse to make small changes and share with you along the way. Over the past 25 posts I’ve had some serious fun. I know you’ve had a little fun, too. I’ve received emails from readers who have swapped fruit snacks for real fruit. You’ve tried leeks for the first time. You’ve dumped your giant vat of cheese puffs in the trash. You’ve bought new running shoes and you’re using them. Bravo! Way to be fearLESS!

We were traveling during my last official FearLESS Friday. Once I’ve packed up our entire house and even remembered the cell phone charger, I have nothing left in my brain to pack a nutritious meal from home. Enter Fast Food. When you’re travelling with kids during winter there’s no better friend than an indoor playground. Big Fast Food is moderately evil, but they aren’t going away anytime soon.


We stopped at Chick-fil-a because my kids can get plain ol’ milk, fresh fruit, and chicken nuggets. The nuggets are fried, but at least the meat is from a 100% natural whole breast filet (or so the website proclaims…).

I usually order one of the sandwiches, but I decided to go for the Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad. Why not, it’s FearLESS Friday! I even read the nutrition facts. (Why not? It’s FearLESS Friday!) I laughed because they don’t add up the calories from the croutons, sunflower seeds, or dressing. I enjoyed about half of the Reduced Fat Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette and only a few croutons. I wouldn’t have cared about it unless I read the nutrition facts. Phew. Salads can quickly turn into junk food without moderating the toppings. I am happy to report that the salad was satisfying and my body was happy to crunch into that lettuce after way too many of my Mother’s chocolate mint brownies.

Disclaimer: My Mother’s chocolate mint brownies are my favorite seasonal treat. They are worth every step (of every mile) I run to work off all that butter…

Looking to read more about salad? Really? Okay, read about these 5 notorious salads that are calorically worse for you than a Whopper from Today Health.