Meet Maryclare, She has Teenagers.


Don’t Panic Mom is thrilled to welcome, Maryclare. She’ll be a regular contributor around here. (Applause, please.)

She’s basically the woman who we’d all love for a best friend. She is motivating, down-to-earth, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Maryclare Maslyn lives north of Pittsburgh and is a mother of two young men.  She credits Marshall and Emerson with teaching her how to truly love, how to fully give, and how duct tape can repair almost anything. Growing up she moved nearly every year, but credits this as the reason she can strike up a conversation with anyone. She has degrees in graphic technology, sociology, and public administration.

Professionally she assisted in managing a full-service city in Utah for over seventeen years.  Her family responsibilities then took her to the east where she taught graduate students at a university and she now teaches at a community college.   The courses she teaches include health science, physical wellness, marketing and advertising. Maryclare also teaches fitness classes at the local university recreation center.  She volunteers at her son’s schools, works with the Pittsburgh Marathon and helps raise funds to build a local library. Whew! Can you say super woman?

(Additional applause, please.)

I asked Maryclare a few more questions to properly introduce her:

  • Favorite sweet that you don’t mind working off at the gym: I love to bake, so almost anything homemade…but not apple pie – I don’t eat apple pie – no apple pie is worth the time it takes to work off.
  • Favorite vegetable dish: Raw Veggies – salad.  Cooked Veggies -a cauliflower recipe I have with yogurt, cheese and spices – steam then broil – my boys love it also.
  • Favorite quick lunch:  Hard boiled eggs, Greek Yogurt, Cheese. . . portable and protein.
  • I exercised today because…I teach exercise classes and I can’t teach what I don’t do…AND, well, to fight off gravity! I refuse to let gravity win!  PS – it is winning (at least in some parts).
  • Favorite thing about being a Mom:  Seeing children’s senses of humor develop and observing their critical thinking process. 
  • Anything else funny or interesting you’d like to add?  I typed a person’s master’s thesis focused on pig farm theories.  To my surprise, he paid me with half of a pig rather than with cash.  The pig was so large it filled up the back seat and most of the trunk of my car — I fed six families with that half a pig.   On a completely different note, I always drink with two straws – never one.  I don’t know why.

Look forward to her insights about raising teenagers to be independently healthy and all-things-fitness. We might even get that cauliflower recipe, too.

Let’s welcome her appropriately with lots of hard questions. Leave all of your teen-related health questions below in a comment below.


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  1. Katie seamons says:

    I don’t have a teen but I really want that recipe! You know me and recipes!!

    1. Katie, you and me both. I am a late convert to cauliflower.

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