Sell Us Veggies, Please!


Bland. Boring. Too Expensive. Have you ever used these excuses when dodging vegetables? It’s okay, most of us grew up eating microwaved canned green beans. After choking those down, it doesn’t matter how loudly the federal government scolds us to get our 5-a-Day. They even tell us that veggies help reduce our risk of cancer and diabetes. But we still aren’t getting the recommended green stuff. No one wants to give up the pleasure they get from their favorite junk, especially if it means peeling something.

Here’s where our guest veg heads come in. They’re here to sell us on vegetables. Instead of health claims, they’ll give us what we really want. We want some delicious, comforting, and easy vegetable recipes. Ones that can become the revamped “canned green beans” of our generation. Ones that we can use to over and over as we learn how to prepare veg more confidently.

These self-described “Veg Heads” come in several forms and they are indeed vegetable experts. I think of them as being vegetable ambassadors of sorts. Leaving their high ground of vegetable competency to be down here with us amateurs. Lucky for us, we’ve snagged some vegetarians, vegans, and one flexitarian. Here’s the lineup:

Don’t Panic Mom readers are in charge of rating each recipe to declare the 2013 Top Veg Head at the end of the series. Rate each recipe based on the following criteria:

  • Taste (up to 3 stars)
  • Easy to Find Ingredients (up to 3 stars)
  • Ease to Prepare (up to 3 stars)

May the best veg head win!