I Love You & Your Heart.


We get so engrossed in the metaphor of hearts being our emotional center, that we forget about the actual muscle in our chest that beats all day and night. Our hearts deserve a lot of credit. February is appropriately celebrated as Heart Health Month and I learned that heart disease is the number one preventable killer of men and women. But there’s good news about heart disease. It’s one of those things that can be delayed and even prevented if we do our part. Healthy behaviors like eating fruits and veggies and exercising can reduce your risk. When I say “your” risk, that means you and your sweet kiddos. Yup. The same old message we’ve heard forever. Eat better and move more.

When we are oogling over our loved ones this Valentine’s Day, let’s show affection that isn’t coated in trans fats. When you love someone, you are invested in their best kind of life. The American Heart Association says that giving our kids good health habits now will stick with them for a lifetime. So, you amazing mommas out there, that means creating memories and festivities with health in mind.

Here’s the million calorie question: Is it possible to show affection without candy? Probably. Let’s find out. From now until Valentine’s day, Don’t Panic Mom will feature a series called, “I {heart} your {heart}.” I’ve been busy creating easy, creative, and delicious ways to show your family that you love them – and you really mean it.

One final note to those mothers piling on guilt about their past celebrations. Today is a new day to make better choices. Guilt is a waste of your emotional energy. We understand a lot more now about how our kids’ diet now impacts them as adults. You can choose that this year will be fun and healthy. They can coexist beautifully. There is also no guilt attached in these posts to those who want to show their affection using Little Debbie. Just remember moderation. 🙂

Let’s show some heart love!

In the meantime, head over to my Healthy Hearts Pinterest Board. You’ll go giddy over the vegetable-themed valentines and heart shaped watermelon.