Water You Waiting For? Be Mine.

Bottled water with cute printable. Easy gift idea for the office or school. There's no baking involved and it's economical. Oh, and no trans fats. Sweet. #valentinesday @dontpanicmom

That hunky husband of mine is always full of puns. Really. Awful. Puns. But his love of puns runs deep through at least three generations of his family. I have learned to smile and politely laugh. I didn’t want to let this talent to go to waste, so I asked him to come up with a water-themed Valentine’s Day pun for me. He spat this one out in no time. I think it’s adorable.

Gussied up bottled water is perfect to send to work or to a school party. Goopy party drinks featuring Hawaiian Punch and globs of sherbet is out of style. I’m sorry to break it to you. These bottled water valentines are cute, healthy, and inexpensive. You can’t go wrong. Simply print on white cardstock or other lightly patterned paper. In these pictures I used some orange polka dot paper left over from another project. Cut into strips and secure onto water bottles with a coordinating sticker or piece of tape. I purchased a case of 24 bottles for under $3 at Safeway.


Water bottle Valentine's idea - perfect and mess free drink option for classroom parties - from Don't Panic Mom.

This post is part of the I {Heart} Your {Heart} Series. We’re discovering how to show Valentine’s affection without all the junk. Here’s to healthy hearts!




Thanks to all those who are sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, and other blogs! Here’s an updated design with a little more color.

Water you waiting for? Be Mine. Bottled Water labels for Valentine's Day!

Water You Waiting For
Click image for your gnarly PDF.

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  3. Tiffany says:

    I just came across your site when looking for valentine water bottle wrappers. Your updated version is very cute. I think I’m going to use for my son’s class party. Thank you for sharing the printable.

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