Super Snacks on the Field

What I'm doing to bring snack-sanity to the soccer field. Thanks for the good information Sally from Real Mom Nutrition.

You’ve burned a few calories on the field, let’s celebrate with 56 grams of sugar from a Gatorade.

Why not a treat as well? You looked super cute out there in your uniform. Those packaged Grandma’s cookies add another 22 grams of sugar.

Your team won? It’s obviously time for ice cream! There’s 17 more grams of sugar in that kid’s cone at Dairy Queen.

Grams didn’t mean much to me before I started reading nutrition facts. It’s hard to believe that we are so duped by food marketing to believe that little kids need junk. Especially when we are trying to get them interested in physical activity in honor of their health. Yikes.

These sports-related “foods” are just scripted for us. We make assumptions that good parents bring treats. Gatorade is in business to sell a product. They aren’t in the business of health. But their commercials make it seem like our tiny ones can’t excel without their product. 

I’m coaching my boys pee wee soccer team this season. (The rec department was that desperate.) Fortunately, I’ve been reading Real Mom Nutrition and her quest to make soccer snacks less crappy. Take a peek at her slideshow here.

Here’s a PDF I just sent to the team parents:

Click to view the PDF.


7 Replies to “Super Snacks on the Field”

  1. Our YMCA volleyball is desperate too – I’m coaching this upcoming season too. Can you tweak your pdf to be for volleyball players and send it to me??


    1. Alright, one volleyball super snacks PDF coming right up.

    2. How are the improved post-game snacks coming along?

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. So happy to hear you’re setting a great example with healthy snacks–here’s hoping the other coaches and teams will see what you’re doing and follow your lead. Hooray for Snacktivists!

    1. I’m so excited you stopped by! It looks like your snacktivism is catching on. Thanks for the help!

  3. How did you tweak your PDF for volleyball? I would LOVE one for t-ball!

    1. I’ll put up the volleyball PDF and the t-ball PDF. Thanks for asking! Let us know how it goes over.

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