Super Snacks Revisited (plus printables for your favorite team)

Want to know what happened when fruit was suggested for post-game snacks? Nothing noteworthy, except kids eating fruit after soccer games. Download your Super Snacks flyer at Don't Panic Mom.

Have you ever prepared for the worst and the worst never came? I was sure I’d have an irritated parent after distributing the “Super Snacks for Soccer Players” flyer. I was sure there would be that one parent who wanted to defend their child’s favorite flavor of Cheetos. But nope. I’ve seen a lot of water and a small mountain of oranges.

I figure the best way to make healthy change is to act like it’s totally normal. The end goal of the flyer, and even this blog, is to make healthy so normal that I don’t need to blog about it anymore. Another great point for those of you who would like to implement healthy snacks: Don’t get on a soap box. Take it from me – I’ve been up there a lot.

Parents don’t need another health sermon; they just want things to be easy. The beauty of the “Fruit & Water Policy” is that it’s simple. Grabbing a bunch of bananas is just as easy as grabbing a box of Fruit by the Foot. Both are already packaged and only require a quick swoop through the grocery store. If you say, “Please bring fruit,” with a smile, they’re more likely to bring fruit with a smile. 

I’m happy to report that our little soccer team is happily drinking water and munching on their mountain of oranges without any unneeded drama. We’ll save the drama for the soccer field.

Here are flyers for T-Ball, Soccer, and Volleyball. I’ll keep designing for any sports you request. I can also add team logos/names if it will help your cause. Contact me over on the Don’t Panic Mom Contact Page.

Click for Soccer Super Snacks PDF
Click for T-Ball Super Snacks PDF
Click for Volleyball Super Snacks PDF

Want to read more about soccer snacktivism? Head over to Real Mom Nutrition. Sally’s on a mission to keep soccer healthy. You go, Girl.