6 Online Resources for Understanding & Teaching Nutrition at Home

Want to make your house healthier but don't know where to start or don't have a lot of time to research online? Don't Panic. These sites are credible and user friendly. Come check out the list of the Don't Panic Mom's favorites.

The information available on the internet can seem really overwhelming. Don’t get stuck in an endless Google search. These are some of my absolute favorite sites in no particular order. Any sites you’d like to add?

banner_ScrollingBanner_kids_500x313  ChooseMyPlate.gov is awesome. It has tools for parents and educators like curriculum guides for classrooms and stuff for at home like meal planning tips and how to include fruits and veggies without breaking the bank.There is also a new site just for kids called MyPlate Kids’ Place. It has games, songs, and activity sheets. I would be in heaven if my son’s school could tap into these resources. I might just have to send the principal these links…

logo_new2Do you have veggie-phobes at your house? This website is powered by a mom and daughter team dedicated to getting more fruits and veggies onto your plate. There are cool, free resources and their cooking videos are even better.

fuel up to play 60Fuel up to Play 60 is a grant-funded nutrition and physical activity program for schools across the country. I love reading the success stories to get ideas for my school district. This website also has great resources for educators and parents about how to teach kids about tough concepts like nutrients and why breakfast is so important. If Fuel Up to Play 60 isn’t at your school yet, it’s time to be one of those parents who gets the momentum going.  dina roseYou’ll love Dina Rose as much as I do after reading her top ten tips. Her approach to teaching health is summed up in the name of her blog, It’s Not About Nutrition. She has a PhD is sociology and has a really smart way of helping parents understand food behavior. Don’t miss her fresh perspective on kids and health.

superhealthykidslogoThe mom duo behind Super Healthy Kids has permanently captured my attention. They cook simple and delicious food (including weekly menu plans for a fee) and have gobs of free recipes. I appreciate their focus on fruits and vegetables in kid-friendly presentations. If you’re looking for some additional MyPlate teaching resources, they’ve got you covered.

nourishinteractiveNourish Interactive is a colossal, bilingual nutrition education website. If you’re in education and you just want one website, this is the one. There are free games, worksheets, and other handouts. There is a big section for parents, too. I love reading their blog that covers current policy and research in child health.