Good Reads 06.16.2013

good-reads_headerCheck out a local article in the Fort Morgan Times with a great write up about our library’s Summer Reading Program: Dig Deep into Exercise & Good Nutrition. I got to star as a detective. The best part? When we got home my kids needed their own magnifying glasses to search their plates for a balanced meal. “Mom???? Where’s our veggie?”

A good read from obesity doc Yoni Freedhoff, cleverly titled Do Kids Really Need to Refuel After ‘Exercise’? This is a must read if your kids participate in sports.

Here’s a cool article from health journalist Kristin Wartman, Bloomberg vs Beyoncé: The Real Dilemma with NYC’s Soda Ban. She makes some amazing points in the Soda Tax debate. We’re easily swayed by celebrities and easily annoyed by politicians. Who are your biggest influencers when it comes to health choices?

Child nutrition expert, Sally Kuzemchak, wrote an excellent piece called, “Why is Healthy Food Such a Joke?” She articulates her annoyance about this major cultural problem.

Finally, here’s one from my archives that keeps popping up as a favorite among readers. I love it, too. Head over here to read, Let Kids Be Kids. 


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  1. Thank you for including me!

    1. Sally, you can’t imagine how thrilled I am that you stopped by! Thanks for your Snacktivism resources! You gave me the push to make a fruit and water policy for my soccer team.

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