Move it with Dice: Get Moving While Teaching Math

movewithdice_headerHere’s your first free resource from our summer fitness club, Miles of Smiles. Move It With Dice is a great game for kids as young as two. Invite the kids to take turns rolling the dice and the chart will indicate a movement to do depending on what number you roll. It’s fast to teach and kids love it. 

Move It With Dice_web
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  1. One Rocket Jump: Start in a crouched position and then jump up with hands in the air. Kids love to say “Blast Off” as they jump!
  2. Two Roll Ups: Start lying down with arms resting on the ground above your head. Using your hands, roll up until you touch your toes. A modified crunch will also work.
  3. Three Jumping Jacks: Enough said.
  4. Four Push Ups: Demonstrate a modified push up from the knees as well as a traditional one.
  5. Five Mountain Climbers: Start in a plank position and bring the left leg up to the chest. Put it back on the ground and bring the right leg up to the chest. Repeat four more times.
  6. Six-Second Front Plank: Support your body in a push-up position for the 6-second duration. You can try supporting yourself on your elbows, too. This one is especially funny for little kids who have a hard time keeping their bellies and bums straight. It’s okay. Just model what a strong plank should look like.

jumping-jacksFeel free to adapt the difficulty for older kids by turning it into a timed competition or incorporate multiplication. For example, one dice tells you the exercise and the other tells you the multiplier. You roll a 6 and then a 4. Everyone does a 24-second plank. This is perfect for a classroom brain break, too.

A few Fit Kids getting ready for a rocket jump.