Animal Movement Cards

Animal Movement Cards | Don't Panic Mom | Easy activity for classroom or play group

Here’s another gem from Miles of Smiles. I made these Animal Movement Cards for our Zoo Groove themed play session. Print these babies out on cardstock or laminate them so they can last through multiple uses.

  • Kangaroo – Hop
  • Crab – Crab Walk
  • Horse – Gallop
  • Cheetah – Run Fast
  • Frog – Leap
  • Mouse – Tiny Steps
  • Elephant – Big Stomps
  • Eagle – Flap Fast
  • Penguin – Waddle

I introduced the animals and practiced the movements with the kids. The cards were then set out in a large circle on the lawn. We used cones to prop them up in the grass. We started with one animal’s special movement and did that movement until the next card. The emerging readers enjoyed being able to read some of the words and the younger kids were content with the illustrations. 

Extension activities:

  • Mix it Up!: Let each child take a turn putting the cards in a different order.
  • Finish it!: Add a finish line at the end of the course using dowel rods and crepe paper.
  • Freeze, Right There!: Add music and randomly stop it and have the kids freeze in place. Play the music until all the kids have finished the course.
  • Create: Have a few pieces of cardstock and markers on hand and invite the kids to add a few extra animals. If you have a really large group, divide into small groups and have them collaboratively make an animal and associated movement. It can be scientifically legitimate animals or silly ones – let the kids enjoy themselves.

Animal Movement Cards9 Animal Movement Cards | Don't Panic Mom | Use for sight reading and physical activity in the classroom


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