Rainbow Moves : Movement & Color Recognition Game


I was inspired one day after playing Hullabaloo. If you haven’t seen it, the concept is easy. The players will move toward a plastic mat that features a color, food, musical instrument, shape, or color as directed by a narrator. I needed something with fewer variables for my two year old, Little A, and the other younger kids at Miles of Smiles.

This game limits the instructions to just two concepts: doing a particular movement towards a particular color. Easy. I laminated cards labeled with six actions and six colors that corresponded to our cone colors. I set the cones out in a large circle on the lawn. First, we practiced the moves together and identified the colors around the circle. Finally, we played by having each kid take a few turns randomly selecting a card from each pile. We would do lunges to a blue cone. We would dance over to a red cone. I would sometimes challenge the kids to lunge over to a different blue cone. Rainbow Moves was a really popular warm up.

It was also fun to watch the five year olds in the program read the cards on their own. This can easily turn into a reading game for teachers out there looking for creative ways to integrate physical activity into literacy.

What do you need?

  • Large space, like a gym or field
  • Varied colors of cones, frisbees, buckets, or hula hoops
  • Laminated Rainbow Moves Cards

Download the Rainbow Moves Game and get moving! No laminator? No problem, just print on a durable cardstock.

Looking for different colors or different moves? Leave a comment and I’ll create what you need.

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