Pepsi Toothpaste Truck

How many food logos do your kids already recognize? I am confident that my kids learned the letter M from the Golden Arches. Food companies also use characters to help build their brand’s credibility with kids who can’t read yet, but can definitely recognize some Angry Birds.

Here’s a great moment for a mom who hasn’t stocked soda in her house for over three years:

Pepsi Toothpaste Truck

Middle E excitedly shouted from the backseat, “Hey Mom! It’s a toothpaste truck.” I sweetly answered, “Awesome, dear.”

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, beverage companies in the US spent roughly $3.2 billion marketing carbonated beverages in 2006, with nearly a half billion dollars of that marketing aimed directly at kids ages 2–17. Bummer. These empty-calorie bombs are sited in over 90 studies as the main cause in childhood weight problems.

For now, the Pepsi logo will help me ironically reinforce oral hygiene. Sorry, Pepsi.

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