Ode to #SkirtSports

Is this my actual clothes line you ask? Yes. Yes it is.

 skirt sports

For those of you paying attention, I did in fact call yesterday a “Happy Wednesday.” Hopefully you had a Happy Thursday, too. Yeesh. As I catch up to Friday and my literal mountain of laundry, I decided I needed a creative writing exercise. Thankfully, I have a muse. My new Sabrina Sports Bra from SkirtSports. Here’s to a great line of products designed for women who like to move. 

I spotted you across the room.
You were bright.
I like that.
I took you home in my backpack, nestled next to my notes from FitSocial.
I wore you while walking.
I wore you while wielding a tennis racket.
I wore you while biking, running, and chasing a streaking two-year old.
You have freed me from the unfortunate uni-boob. (Thanks to your schmancy design featuring a mesh stabilizer between the cups.)
You allowed me to focus on the sunrise without a thought about my more-than-slightly-sagging-post-breastfeeding breasts.


Thanks to Skirt Sports, a Colorado company, for providing a great bra for this product review. Head over to SkirtSports and sign up for their newsletter to get 20% off your gear.

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  1. Super cute review, Alli; love the pic!

    1. So happy you enjoyed it. I think I’ll write more product review in scattered verse. It’s a lot more fun.

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