I Heart Bone Health and #Adora Giveaway

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I try to be annoyingly positive most of the time. I think it’s the right way to live. That’s why I love health awareness days like World Osteoporosis Day. It feels good to rally around significant health issues. Bone health is important to me because I want to be active well into my adult-diaper-wearing years. Cringe. My grandmother has severe osteoporosis and it has been a struggle to watch her physical limitations. I want to be that wild 80-year-old who is still able to amble hobble run around the track. The two biggest preventative behaviors to preserve bone health are to consume a healthy diet, including foods high in calcium, and to exercise.

I’m excited to partner with Adora Calcium for World Osteoporosis Day by giving away samples of both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate calcium supplements. I actually, truly, love these chocolate calcium supplements. They satisfy my sweet tooth and contain only 30 calories a piece. In that silky chocolate lies 50% of my daily recommended calcium. Not too shabby.

Would you like to win some Adora Chocolates? Of course you would! Leave a comment with what sports you’d still like to participate in when you’re 80. If you are an octogenarian reader, what about your next 10 years? Roller Derby? Winner must be in the United States. The winner will be selected on Wednesday, October 23rd. I can’t wait to hear from you! Make me laugh!

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  1. I’d love to still be playing tennis at 80!

  2. Id love to be able to still go on bike rides!

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