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Easy Pink Breakfast | Don't Panic Mom

Do you chase lost folders and missing gloves in the morning rush? School days are always a bit of a blur. As breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, I don’t want to botch it because my attention is on that elusive glove. But wait, there’s that dang glove and it’s Valentine’s Day. Here are some wicked easy breakfast ideas for you to use during this upcoming week o’ love. My kids fully believe that when I bust out the cookie cutters that they have won the lottery. The mom lottery. I get mucho points and they feel special, too. If you’re dying for a more elaborate Valentine’s Day breakfast, head this direction to my Peekaboo Chocolate Crepes.

Strawberry Peekaboo Whole Grain English Muffin

1. Peekaboo Whole Grain English Muffin – Cut out the middle of a whole grain English muffin with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Spread on a bit of strawberry jam and garnish with heart shaped strawberries.


2. You Tickle Me Pink Smoothie – Only 3 ingredients and a blender. Save the extras for these Layered Valentine Pops.

Love You Apple SlicesApples-with-Yogurt

3. Apple Slices with Strawberry Yogurt – Use your smallest cookie cutter for these. They are beyond adorable. Serve them gently tucked into some yogurt. If you’re carefully watching added sugar, you can use plain yogurt and add strawberry jam until it’s just pink.

4. Apple Sammie – Squish nut or seed butter and a sprinkle of granola in between two of those adorable apple slices.



5. Strawberry Cupid’s Arrows – By now you might be a pro at making heart shaped Strawberries. Stick a few on skewers. Skewers are my go-to for festivities. Kids just love eating things off of sticks. I think it’s a primal thing and they like to spear each other afterwards. That my friends, is physical activity at its finest.


6. I Love You Berry Much Oatmeal – Your kids will adore you for being so corny. No, they will probably just roll their eyes. But they will love this warm oatmeal covered in delicious berries. The oatmeal can cook quickly in the microwave without any stirring (obviously needed so I can find that dang glove). Decorate with frozen blueberries and you’re set. Here are more oatmeal ideas for Valentine’s Day if your crew adores oatmeal or you want a fun way to introduce it.


Even with the morning madness, you can still make a healthy breakfast that shows that you love them and their heart.  Way to go, Little Momma.

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  1. I love all of these! I’m going to break out my heart shaped cookie cutter 🙂

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