Valentine’s Day Veggies

EASY Valentine Veggies | Don't Panic Mom

When you love someone, you are invested in their best kind of life. My kids aren’t going to be adorable, booger-coated tots forever. They are going to grow armpit hair and apply for college. I care about their health now and then. I want them to enjoy the freedom that comes from a healthy body. I know that’s not the kind of thing most of us think about on Valentine’s Day. But this Don’t Panic Mom uses special events to reinforce healthy messages.

Congratulations! You survived my paragraph of serious. Now for your reward are some unimaginably cute ways to incorporate heart shaped veggies in salads, platters, or skewers. No cooking required.

I recruited some help from my five year old son, Big P. He is so much fun in the kitchen.Make Heart Shaped Cucumbers for Valentine's Day Salads or stick on a toothpick for a cute plate garnish at lunch.

You can toss these cucumbers into a garden salad. If you’re a really sappy mom, you might want to serve the salad with the following name: Tossed Together with You Salad. Make sure you let your kids toss the salad. Don’t panic if some of the pieces are shot across the table.

Tossed Together With You Valentine's Day Salad

Need more ideas for vegetable hearts? I knew you did. I’ve got your back, healthy mama. Try a simple spinach salad with a small cookie cutter. Big P loved this job.Cute addition on the top of a spinach strawberry salad!Kids making their own heart shapes for a salad!

Try the same idea with cucumbers.Cucumber hearts for a salad! Big-P-Making-Spinach-Hearts

Are your kids anti-salad? No problem. Another great strategy to quickly dress up veggies is to stick them on toothpicks or skewers.

Cupid-Arrow-CupMore awesome V Day Veggies!

I know you’re digging on those red pepper hearts. Red peppers can be pricey when they aren’t on sale. So here’s a quick guide to turning out a bunch of red pepper hearts from one pepper


Finally, here’s a link to how to make heart shaped carrots from Sophistimom. Shaping the carrots was surprisingly fun and quick. These carrots can be tossed in your salad or steam them for a few minutes in a splash of orange juice.Don't forget heart shaped carrots this week!

Are you still reading? Great. That means you’ll head over to my original I Heart Your Heart post. Thanks for being part of Don’t Panic Mom. Share your clever ideas for Valentine’s Veggies below or on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear from you!