Valentine’s Day Round Up

Round-Up-headerWater you waiting for? Be Mine. Bottled Water labels for Valentine's Day!Dress up bottled water with these darling labels. Did I really just call them darling?

sorbet-header Have you ever made a 5 Minute Strawberry Sorbet? This sweet treat is easy and requires only two ingredients! My four-year-old was literally begging for seconds as he licked the serving spoon. This recipe is a keeper over at the Don’t Panic Mom house.

Strawberry-Banana-Ice-Cream-HeaderHere is another 5 minute sweet treat just for you and your fam. Introducing my 5 Minute Strawberry Banana Ice Cream. Do you need another way to incorporate pink stuff into your day o’ love? Try this creamy treat.

Crispy Berry Bites | Perfect for Valentine's Day snacks or lunch box | Don't Panic MomYou’ll be in heaven with these Crispy Berry Bites. I sent them in lunches this week with Big P. He requested them for his after school snack, too.

Easy Pink Breakfast | Don't Panic MomEasy ideas for Valentine’s Day Breakfast. When I say easy, I really mean easy. The bulk of the work involves dusting off your toaster.

I-LOve-YOu-OatmealDo your kids prefer a warm breakfast? Have no fear! Throw together a Berry Oatmeal Bar. An oatmeal bar includes cooking some oatmeal and then setting out a few toppings. Kids love to choose their own toppings and you can sit back admiring your amazing kids.

strawberry-skewers These strawberry hearts aren’t hard to make. But If your hearts are a little “off,” simply call it modern. But I think sticking them on skewers will remove the focus from your lopsided hearts. Your kids will just think you are a rock star for using skewers.

Tossed-Together-With-YouCreate pretty garden salads with heart shaped cucumbers, carrots, and red bell peppers. Tutorials over here, because I adore you.

Valentine-Tags-Header These tags can accompany any gift or tuck them inside a lunch box.

ValentinePizzaThis heart-shaped pita pizza is a great vegetarian lunch or even dinner. This is a recipe that’s easy to include your kids in the prep. They will love decorating their very own heart pita.

Peekaboo Chocolate Crepes. These beauties are really easy and they even have whole grains. My 3yo said, "I want this breakfast!" From Don't Panic MomThis recipe is a gem. Crepes are so easy to dress up and because they are French, they are automatically fancy. Try these Peekaboo Chocolate Crepes for a healthy, delicious Valentine’s Day.

layeredvalentinepopsTry these Layered Valentine Pops for an afternoon treat. If you’re short on time, just try this Tickle Me Pink Smoothie.


I love you, my readers! Thank you for making healthy fun. Let me know what you and your peeps are doing to keep your hearts healthy this weekend!


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  1. Kim says:

    Your creativity is inspiring, Alli! It’s amazing what one can do with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. You’re awesome. Happy Valentine’s, healthy momma!! 😉

    1. Alli says:

      Hey Kim! Thanks for the kind words. Heart cookie cutters are pretty much amazing- I think I’ll keep them out for a few more weeks.

  2. The 5 min strawberry sorbet sounds so yummy and refreshing! It would make a great summer treat.

    1. Alli says:

      Hi Krystle! Thanks for stopping by! I loved this accidental discovery. The sorbet was really refreshing. I’m excited to try it again in the summer with a squeeze of lime.

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