10 Creative Ways to Introduce Healthy Foods


Have you ever thought of yourself as an advertising executive? Well, it’s true. You are a mom. An awesome mom, who is constantly marketing positive behaviors to your kids. We have a big task of training little people to wash their hands, brush their teeth, wear bike helmets and seat belts. On top of that we need to teach them about nutrition. It makes me want to panic and hide underneath the table with a bag of chocolate chips.

(This is your cue to remind me that I am the Don’t Panic Mom.)

You’re absolutely right. A smart mom will push off the panic and use the same tricks that advertising professionals use. Everyone in marketing understands the power of positive language and packaging.

As you transition your family to a healthier table, try a few of these tricks:

Positive Language:

  1. Use fun, descriptive adjectives like crunchy, tangy, juicy, or sweet.
  2. Use clever names like “Dinosaur Leaves” for spinach or “Fairy Wands” for carrot sticks.
  3. Compare the new food to another food they already enjoy.
  4. Congratulate them on small nibbles and tastes.
  5. Encourage them that they are helping their bodies to run, jump, and play better because they are eating good fuel.



  1. Offer small dainty portions on little toothpicks.
  2. Place samples on a fancy plate.
  3. Use skewers, cocktail forks, or lollipop sticks.
  4. Use cookie cutters to transform the shape into something they love, like hearts, stars, even ninjas!
  5. Serve bite-sized pieces inside cupcake liners.


I dug through my drawers and cabinets just for you, dear readers. Ta da! I realized that I have oodles of fun packaging for healthy foods.


Use colorful or fancy plates and small bowls. Or any kind of stick. It makes the food seem special. It definitely helps take the pressure off and that can change the atmosphere at the table.



I find myself scavenging at second-hand stores to find adorable antique plates. They are usually smaller because portion sizes used to be non-jumbo. (What!!! Life before the Big Gulp?!)fancy-presentation

The bamboo forks on the left are available at my local dollar store. I found the lollipop sticks in the cake decorating area of my local Walmart.mini-cups

I sometimes find cupcake liners right after a holiday is over on mega sale. Usually you can find some on sale that aren’t explicitly for the holiday that you can use anytime.


Good luck, sweet Mamas! Let me know how it goes.

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