Play with Your Food: Carrot Portraits

Carrot Portraits - Easy art project that's edible, too!We’re learning how to play with food. It took me forever a few years to get in the habit of inviting my crew into the kitchen and assigning tasks like stirring, measuring or dumping. I didn’t understand that process is a big deal for budding chefs. I was only focused on the final product.

I learned that when my kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen they literally beam with pride. Even if it’s just one turn of the whisk. They love that they can do something on their own. I love it because they are getting comfortable preparing their own food from real ingredients. Middle E and I were having fun before preschool with this simple activity.

Carrot Portraits. Create an edible portrait!

This is a really easy activity you can do with your own kids or in a classroom setting.

Carrot Portraits


  • To observe various shapes, sizes, and textures
  • Help kids get comfortable with carrots in a low-pressure setting
  • Creative process of creating an edible portrait


  • From the Fridge: 1 lb bag of carrots ($0.69 – $1)
  • Possible Tools: Vegetable Peeler, mandoline, sharp knife, carrot curler, box grater


How To: Brainstorm together some of the different shapes, sizes, or textures you could create with the tools you have on hand. Don’t bother with authentic names for the cuts and dices. Let your kiddos imaginatively name them. Carrot coins can become pirate treasure.


Allow them to help with tasks that are appropirate for their age and fine motor skills. Grating or peeling are great jobs for any kid. They are simple and safe and they will feel great about successfully finishing a task for your project.


Arrange your various cuts onto a platter or cutting board and go crazy. Make silly faces, animals, vehicles, etc.Carrots_edited

Middle E wanted to make his portrait on a piece of construction paper. I tossed some plastic wrap on top so he could rearrange without worrying about soggy paper.Eli-Plays-with-Carrots

At the end of the day, I just want Middle E to know that carrots are cool.

Carrot-Textures-on-FishWhat other ways would you slice up a carrot?

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