Big P 6th Birthday Party [How to Plan an Active Party]


Big P wanted to have a goofy-silly-laugh-a-lot party. I love this kid. Not only does he make me laugh constantly, but he epitomizes childhood. He loves to laugh. He loves to learn. He loves meeting new people. He is amazed by new things. He also loves being active, not because he’s consciously exercising, but because it just feels great to move. He is imaginative, inventive, inclusive, and kind. Can you tell that I love being his mom?Phin-on-Bike

This is precisely why I blog and champion family health. These kids are completely worth the effort.


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, right? The Don’t Panic Mom Tips to an active party:

  • Plan the main activity around movement. We rented a bounce house. It’s a special treat and it’s worth every penny. We also love parties at the pool or at the park.
  • Have active equipment lying around. I actually cleaned my garage a bit and unearthed our wagon. I washed it out and piled high nearly every squishy ball we own. I also took out various ball-flinging accessories. When kids weren’t playing in the bounce house, they were creating their own games with these.
  • Lead an activity to get the momentum going. Try something easy like Freeze Tag or Sharks and Minnows. You can easily reword the title to match your theme. These group games require no equipment and kids LOVE to play them.
  • Play along with the kids. You may have forgotten how good it feels to play. So jump right in and play along. They are usually in need an antagonist in a game – so step in and play “it,” or a dragon or troll.
  • Have refreshing drinks on the ready. I served bottled water and some raspberry pineapple punch. I love to mix sparkling water with 100% fruit juice for special occasions. Both were really well received. However, I was an idiot and put raspberries in my water dispenser. They clogged the spout. Yup. That didn’t make it convenient for kids to serve themselves. Also, most of these 6-year-olds couldn’t open the bottled water by themselves. Fail. However, there were plenty of parents around to help.
  • Serve ready-to-eat fruit and veggies. Fruits and veggies are perfect at an active party because they have high water content. But they won’t be eaten if they aren’t ready to eat. Cut them up and have them in little containers so they can be grabbed and gobbled on the spot.

The party concluded with a grand finale – everyone got their own can of silly string.Phin-Silly-String

That will get ANYONE moving.

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Here’s a post from Middle E’s party last year. You’ll love this construction-themed party!

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  1. Kim says:

    Aren’t the bounce houses so much fun, for kids and parents? Looks like you had fun. Hooray for active birthdays! And congrats on remembering to take pictures; me, not so much! lol.

    1. Alli says:

      Ha! It’s so funny you mentioned remembering to take pictures. This is a huge challenge because I’m playing hostess AND I want to play. Thanks for stopping by sweet Soulicious Mama!

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