Weekend Snack Round Up


Take a breath. You made it through another week.

Weekends can be a brilliant time to prep for the week ahead. Here are a few snack ideas that you can eat today AND pack in lunches next week. If you’re feeling adventurous, invite those grungy kids into the kitchen. If you normally chase them out, they may be a bit concerned that you have set a trap. Don’t Panic. Promise they can lick the honey spoon.

Crispy Berry Bites | Perfect for Valentine's Day snacks or lunch box | Don't Panic MomThis is one of my favorite recipes. It’s tasty and fast. My favorite duo for a snack. This one has loads of jobs for kids. They can measure and dump crispy brown rice. They can stir. They can squish it into balls or cut it into shapes.

brown-rice-crispy-treatsI made these after Big P had his first commercially prepared Rice Crispy Treats. I wanted to make something he would love, but a cleaner ingredient list. Make a double batch to send in lunch boxes or for after school snacks.

Cookies and Cream Greek Yogurt DipI love this dip. I tried to recreate a dip I tried at a trendy Mediterranean bistro in downtown Salt Lake City. I loved it because it had these tiny little pieces of chocolate. It dressed up those apples into a decadent snack. This dip includes Greek yogurt and cream cheese, together they make a sturdy dip for apples or strawberries. This is great for a snack, lighter dessert after dinner. (Make a double batch for mid-week school lunchbox or snacking.)

Apple-SandwichThis is a great snack to make with your budding chefs on the weekend. Then they can get confident in the steps and make it on their own during the week.

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