Seize Summer.

Seize Summer - Get moving!

I missed you readers. Balancing online life and offline life is a tricky task. But sharing my reality online is important. We use this crazy internet machine to support each other as we create healthy as the norm. You make me feel like I’m not the only one who feeds their child actual fruit snacks.

Summer Updates:

I am infatuated with summer.

Deadlines and dinner dishes still lurk, but I don’t mind them. June brings brilliant weather and with it mountains of seasonal produce and opportunities for outdoor play.

If you want to have an awesome summer in Fort Morgan, make your bucket list today. If you don’t plan an active summer, you’ll just fall into default mode, which for most of us is zoning out in front of a screen.

Research shows that we burn more calories when we’re outside.


  • I would like to combat excessive screen time this summer (5-7 hours a day is typical). I am going to post a weekly Kick the Screen Round Up every week through the end of August. But I honestly need your help. Really and Always. If you see a pin or have a favorite go-to game, SHARE! Please post on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page and I’ll make sure it gets in the round up. Including a shout out to you of course.


  • Tomorrow we start the second year of Miles of Smiles. I’m thrilled because the city is still super supportive of active programming for kids. Here is a line up of a few games from Miles of Smiles last summer. You can use these for any small or large group setting, like family reunions, vacation bible school, neighborhood bbq, or waiting at the dentist. (I’d actually love to see that.)
Move It With Dice_web
Move it with Dice
Animal Movement Cards | Don't Panic Mom | Easy activity for classroom or play group
Animal Movement Cards
Easy Outdoor Obstacle Course
Easy Outdoor Obstacle Course
Rainbow Moves **This one was featured on Disney’s Spoonful** Woot!

Have an amazing week!

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  1. Kim says:

    Great inspiration and ideas, Alli! Summer is the best! (And not just because playing in the pool counts as activity too!) 😉

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