Happy Non-Savage Father’s Day!


Dads can make or break a healthy crusade.

I continue to hear horror stories from readers about how their male counterparts reject, complain about, and undermine their healthy efforts.

Instead of slinging dirt at these savages I want to say thanks to the non-savages.

Thanks to the men out there who understand that preventative measures, like veggies and outdoor play, means an all around healthier family. Heck, these men understand the link between a healthy lifestyle and behavior, chronic disease prevention, school performance, and even health bills.

Bravo to the men who turn off the Wii and play actual catch.

Here’s a shout out to male caregivers who are on board with carrots.

Here’s a high five for fathers who don’t roll their eyes when offered a plate with something besides meat and taters.

Here’s a thumbs up for dads who take their kids for a bike ride.

We need more of you.

Readers, thank a healthy Dad this weekend. If you happen to have one of the aforetomentioned savages, continue to be patient. When you do see a pro-health behavior make sure you kiss him and drown him in compliments. Repeat as necessary.

Happy Father’s Day to my Hunky Husband. You rock my world, fix our bikes, and you eat kale salad. Thanks to you, I’m in healthy Mom heaven.

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  1. So cute; love it! I love the healthy dads -and my hunky husband too – for sure. It would be a LOT harder without them!

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