Screen Free Spree

screen-free-spreeDon’t Panic Mom readers are amazing. After my post last week, you responded with some really great solutions to excess screen time. Thanks for sharing. Truly.

One reader mentioned that her summer rule is simple,No screens until after dinner.” She said at first there was protest. However, now her kids are reading more and connecting over creative adaptations of basketball in the living room. I love it.

Another reader said that her kids earn screen time with chores. They get tickets for completing jobs around the house. They can use the tickets for Wii or movies. No work, no screens. Some kids opt for cash instead of screen time.

A Colorado mom said that her kids get to choose one show a day. They look forward to it and when it’s over they easily move on to something else. She mentioned it took a few weeks to get to this point.

My darling friend blogger at Soulicious Life, said she keeps her house stocked with bikes, roller skates, and craft supplies. She also sets up a water table and sprinklers when the weather calls for it.

Keep the ideas coming! I’d love to see your pics all summer long! Post on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page and tag it with #screenfreespree. Follow my Screen Free Spree Pinterest board, too!


More low-prep ideas for my favorite Mamas!

MandalaMandala Printable from Pickle Bums. Set the kids loose with tissue paper.

Compass-Painting-2Compass Painting from Housing a Forest. Seriously cool idea!

tag-games5 Variations on Tag from The Pleasantest Thing. I bet your fam can come up with even more variations. How about Sushi Tag? When you’re tagged you need to roll. (I JUST came up with that. Applause, please.)

sock mopping This is so easy it will make your eyes well up with tears. Sock Mopping from Kids Activity Blog. My kids actually love helping me sweep and mop. Turn other chores into games and let us know in a comment or post on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page.

Have an awesome week! Try out a little #ScreenFreeSpree of your very own! This week you’ll also get the recipe for Little A’s birthday cake later this week. Cooking this beauty can be another great screen-free activity.