Good Reads + Orange Slushie Recipe


A few stories for my friends to squeeze in this weekend. Thanks for being part of my week! Don’t miss the easy 4 ingredient recipe for Orange Slushies.Cut the sugar but none of the flavor with this 4-ingredient Orange Julius knock-off // Don't Panic Mom

School is out – but there is a lot of action on the national stage regarding the fate of the new nutrition standards in the National School Lunch Program. If you have school-aged kids, this will affect you regardless of if your kids brown-bag-it or not. (We want healthy to be the norm people.) Here is a great summary at The Lunch Tray.

I wrote a post for LiveWell Colorado this week brilliantly titled, 5 Ways to Plan Your Day Around Play. If you haven’t guessed, it’s about planning your day around play. Do you carry around a croquet set in your trunk, too? Head over. Read.


Don’t forget I’m on a mission this summer to unplug my darlings from excessive screen time. Join me in a screen free spree and share pictures of your kids playing/singing/painting/diving/creating on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook Page. I’d also LOVE to connect with you on Instagram! It turns out I just really like my readers.

Happy Friday!