Weekend Reads + Watermelon Cake

good-reads_headerHappy Friday Friends! This week I hope you took time to squeeze someone you love. I also hope you took time to care for yourself. It turns out that you are worth keeping healthy. As we make little improvements it’s vital to support each other. I will gladly be your cheerleader as you care for your family.

No collection of articles today, just one little link to a fabulous invitation to wear a swimming suit. Check out Moms, Put on That Swimsuit featured on Huffington Post.

Summer Watermelon Cake Tutorial. Perfect for birthday parties and 4th of July celebrations // Don't Panic Mom

Here’s a favorite summer treat you can bring to any gathering this weekend. The Watermelon Cake is easy and always looks impressive – all without turning on an oven. You can serve with whipped cream for a decadent topping. Go look at the picture tutorial. If you make one I would LOVE to see how you decorate it. Upload a pic on the Don’t Panic Mom Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.