Play Like it’s Your Job. Because It Is.


I just googled Super Hero Yoga. It’s important that you know this deeply personal information about me. It’s how we can build trust over this vast space called the interweb.

Sliding down the half pipe like it’s his job. Well, playing is his job.

Let’s check in after a few weeks of limiting screen time. I know we’ve gotten into better habits. When there’s a lull in the day, my trio isn’t gravitating toward a screen. ToadThey are gravitating toward paint, duct tape, sticks, rubber mallets, tinker toys, skateboards, toads, and pine cones. I guess it shouldn’t be a shocker. When I put on my Mom Hat and set reasonable limits everyone wins.

play-like-its-your-jobAs promised, here are 5 fabulous {screenless} activities that we’re actually doing. These don’t have anything too elaborate or expensive. They do require a bit of you playing. Trust me, reconnecting with your kids over the summer is incredible. Play like it’s your job. Because it is.

Duct Tape Wallets: Duct tape inspires creativity in everyone. Get out a roll and go crazy. Look up other easy accessories to accompany your new wallets, like belts, purses, flowers, and laser guns. (Note: Duct tape is also helpful to attach objects to a stick. My boys enjoy this daily and think it’s the cat’s pajamas. They will also attach the cat’s pajamas to a stick using duct tape.)

Picnics: Both simple, make-believe, and elaborate. Setting up a picnic is perfect for toddlers through tweens. You can even have them invite a stuffed animal or plastic dino. Consider this is your invitation to go on a picnic this week. Even if it’s just a “snacking” picnic with a few water bottles, grapes, and cheese sticks. It’s special to be together somewhere besides the kitchen table. We always bring along a frisbee, too.

Couch Games: My trio has created several epic couch games that they love to play when it’s the hottest part of the day. Pretend the floor is lava and make the cushions safe islands. If you’re playing along, I give you permission to be the lava monster. The couch can also be converted into a fort, trampoline, or secret laboratory.

Paper Airplanes: I have worked really hard to become mediocre at paper airplanes. I’ve even worked along, step-by-step, with YouTube tutorials. I thought that any mother with boys should be able to whip up a doozy-of-an-airplane out random scraps of paper from her purse. Thank goodness I still have a few more weeks before we hit school schedules again. It will be a drag when I have to give up my paper airplane practice for grueling pick-up and drop off schedules. Kids love to create and fly.

Face & Body Painting: My sweet Little A likes to appear out of nowhere covered with permanent marker. Once she said she was a dragon with a green face, legs, and fingernails. She laughs at my frustration saying, “Mom! It’s just for decoration!” I got smart and made this DIY face paint that washes off like a dream. The boys like it, too.

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