Healthy Snacks for Talk Like a Pirate Day


This is a real day. I’m not sure who sanctioned this. However, my hunky husband reminds me every year. So, let’s get on with some Me Hearties, Scallywaging, and Land Lubbering.

I don’t even know what that means. I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Arrrrrggg! I love these ideas for making simple or elaborate pirate-inspired snacks. Fruits and veggies can transform into anything, no? Use this silly day to highlight foods that are sure to prevent scurvy. Happy Friday, Friends!

halloween veggie platter skull 2Skull Veggie Plattter from Mommy on the Money.

pirate-party9 Caprese Bite Boats from Chickabug.

Fruit BoatsFruit Boats from The Good Plate

Egg BoatsDeviled Egg Boats from Create Dream Scrapbooks

Pirate SandwichPirate Sandwich from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Watermelon Pirate ShipWatermelon Ship from Stella’s Tale

Cheeky Pirate BananasCheeky Pirate Bananas from Grubby Little Faces

Fruit CutlassFruit Sword (or Cutlasses!) from Flickr

cheese and apple boatsCheese and Apple Pirate Ships from Creative Kid Snacks

Sandwich ShipShip Sandwich with Cucumber Waves from Pinterest

Pirate Veggie SandwichVeggie Pirate Sandwich from Ziggity Zoom

Pirate Ship SandwichOne more Pirate Ship Sandwich from Taste of Home