Goodbye Garden, Hello New Flavors #CrackersMatter

34 Degrees Crisps #CrackersMatterThat’s all folks. I’ve harvested the winter squash, carrots, and beets. The pumpkins are on the front porch. I sentimentally picked the last ripe tomatoes.

Once school begins I’m ready to swap weeding for spelling words and math homework.

To celebrate the grand finale of our backyard garden we wanted to make something really special with two new flavors from 34 Degrees Crisps. These crackers aren’t like a clunky Ritz cracker. Oh, no.

Goat's Milk Brie + Blueberry Preserves + Toasted Onion Crisps #CrackersMatter @34Degrees

These crackers are light, crispy, and make your imagination run wild. They just rolled out two new flavors, Toasted Onion and Poppy Seed.

Goat's Milk Brie + Blueberry Preserves + Toasted Onion Crisps #CrackersMatter @34DegreesAs any mom on a real-food crusade, I want my kids to enjoy lots of different flavors. I haven’t dared serve my kids brie until this week. I paired the brie with an all fruit blueberry preserves on the Toasted Onion crisps. Phin lined up for seconds. Adele happily crunched. In my dreams I would have used fig preserves. Good luck finding that in rural Colorado. (Hunky Husband valiantly looked for fig preserves. He earned one million good husband points in the attempt.)

BLT on Toasted Onion Crisps #CrackersMatter @34DegreesToasted Onion Crisps are quite fabulous. We paired them with romaine, bacon, havarti, and our last garden tomatoes to create appetizer-style BLTs.

BLT on Toasted Onion Crisps #CrackersMatter @34Degrees

We saved the Poppy Seed Crisps for last. We wanted to make a sweet dessert and include our garden mint. (We have mountains of mint in an actual mint garden in our front yard.)

Mascarpone + Marmalade + Mint on Poppy Seed Crisps #CrackersMatter @34Degrees

We paired the Poppy Seed Crisps with mascarpone cheese, orange marmalade, and mint. 

Mascarpone + Marmalade + Mint on Poppy Seed Crisps #CrackersMatter @34DegreesThis one sounds like serious fancy pants. But it was so easy to throw together. This pairing is creamy, sweet, crunchy, and the little bits of orange rind give you a little something to chew on. Loved these.

How do you celebrate the end of your garden?

Disclaimer: I receive compensation for my time from 34 Degrees. I only work with companies that align with my values. Opinions are mine.