The Real Reason I Exercise

The-Real-Reason-I-exerciseThis picture is from winter training last year. I was working toward my first half marathon and Saturday mornings were dedicated to my long runs.

I love looking at this picture because it instantly reminds me how I feel when I am out on a trail. I am filled with gratitude for my body and that it can move. I especially love it when I’m alone to my thoughts. Obviously, it can’t hurt to have snow gently falling as I run either. That my friends, is magic.

I wrote about the real reason I exercise for the Fort Morgan Times this weekend. I wanted to share my favorite quotes with you on the blog.


Can you relate?


The end of the article talks about how morning exercise prepares me to deal with the morning hustle with more control and patience.

“Last week, I was on my favorite trail in Fort Morgan alongside the South Platte River. There was a heavy mist in the early morning air, and the only sound was my gray sneakers hitting the gravel. Instead of just burning calories, I got another gift.

I felt awe.

It’s the feeling when you watch the sun first wash over the day. When it peeks over the horizon and you get to see what it uncovers. I wanted to keep that feeling all day.

It’s not something I can measure, but it hushed the stress of the school morning hustle. The need to quickly pack lunch, review spelling words, and find missing shoes doesn’t bother me a bit after watching the sunrise.” (Read the full article here.)

I hope your week is filled with good things. I’m getting some school lunch hacks ready for a dynamo post. Just for you.

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  1. Great essay, Alli. It’s a gift to have a body that can walk, run, stretch, ride a horse!
    I do not take my long walks/jogs with my German shepherd for granted. Or cantering my horse over jumps. It makes me think of Jane Kenyon’s poem “Otherwise.” xo

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