More Classroom Activities for Healthy Bones

Classroom-Activities-HeaderBones are cool. They are a perfect way to start kids thinking about their bodies and how they work. For educators, bones fit perfectly into your Halloween-themed activities.

Last year I threw a healthy bones classroom party with another *amazing* mom in a kindergarten classroom. It was epic. We talked with a doctor, looked at x-rays, and measured bones. The teacher wanted the emphasis to be on activities and not food. This lady gets one million smart points.

Fast forward to this year. Little A’s preschool teacher, Miss K, wanted help organizing healthy treats and ideas for skeleton games. This made my day!

But first, Friends, let’s remember why this would make my day.

Exhibit One: Photo from my son’s (now 1st grader) preschool Halloween goody bag. His backpack was FILLED with candy. Too much for a 4 year old?


Exhibit Two: Photo from Miss K’s Halloween Party yesterday. There was a bite-sized brownie that Little A consumed before I could take the picture. She was over-the-top excited about the boo-bles.


Here are two easy games for Preschool through 1st grade that you can play with minimal set up. I purchased the plastic skeletons at the Dollar Tree.

Measure-A-Bone Classroom Activity PREK - 1st GRADE
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Measure-A-Bone: Disassemble a plastic skeleton and mix up the bones. Invite the students to pick one up and identify where that bone fits in their body. Invite them to measure the bone. Most early education teachers have various manipulatives to measure objects. We used snap cubes but older kids could use a ruler. There are follow up questions on the sheet for some spirited discussion.

Speedy Skeleton Classroom Game | PREK - First Grade
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Speedy Skeleton: Spread out the pieces to a complete, but disassembled skeleton. Race to assemble the skeleton correctly. Use a timer or race against other friends. When you’re done, raise your hands and shout, “Speedy Skeleton!” There are some great follow up questions on the sheet. Possible journal prompts?


Sadly, this is the only picture I managed to snap while helping nearby with an eyeball-themed game. Preschool Halloween parties are off the hook!

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