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Portable Power Snacks for work, sports, or travel | Don't Panic MomDo you have any athletes living with you? Spouses with insane work hours? You need some of these portable power snacks. When I say snack, I really mean, too-busy-to-take-15-minutes-and-eat-an-actual-meal snack. These are snacks that pack a punch. Many days, Hunky Husband truly doesn’t have 15 minutes during the day to eat. He doesn’t mean to skip meals while he’s at work. He just has a schedule and job description that isn’t sit-and-eat friendly. (High School and Middle School Choir and Orchestra Teacher) When he isn’t behind a piano – he’s up on a ladder fixing backdrops for the musical. It turns out it’s difficult to eat while you’re singing or on a ladder.

On those uber busy days he would return home with the food I sent for lunch. Untouched. I would be silently haughty and mad about my wasted effort. (Maybe not so silent some days…) That was until I realized that I needed to adapt. He needed convenient food. Pre-peeled, no fuss, no assembly needed.

Portable Power Snacks for work, sports, or travel | Don't Panic MomTo make the cut these portable power snacks must meet the following criteria:

  • No silverware needed.
  • Portable.
  • Low Mess.
  • Loaded with Protein, Fiber, and Healthy Fats.
  • Yummy.

It sounds like we’re cavemen.

It’s okay. I’m just happy to be married to an employed Hunky Caveman. Join us and try some of these portable snacks that will help you and yours get through busy days. Portable Power Snacks for work, sports, or travel | Don't Panic Mom

  1. We’re Nuts about Fruit: Any combination of nuts and fruit. I like send sturdy apple slices with a sprinkle a bit of granola on nut butter. If you want to keep a stash at work, buy the little pouches of nut butter. They aren’t too costly and will save you when you’re hitting a serious energy crash. Apples and bananas are portable friendly fruit because they aren’t going to squirt juice all over a desk. Any dried fruit is also perfectly portable. My kids beg for dates.
  2. Homemade Granola: My favorite go-to recipe is now from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. It’s reliable and easy. I’ll make a big batch and send it to work.

    Protein and Fiber from these beauties!
    Play around with your add-ins in any granola recipe. You’ll find a favorite combination that suits your cavepeople perfectly.
  3. Granola Bars with a Solid Ingredient List – Read ingredient labels. We like KIND bars, LARA Bars, and just tried Balance Bare Bars. I loved the Sweet & Spicy Nut flavor. It has just a perfect little heat. These are a lifesaver to have at work or when we’re on the road. Sweet-and-Spicy-Nut
  4. Wrap it Up: Whole Grain Tortillas are perfect because they contain your goodies and you don’t need silverware. Behold – apples and nut butter again – our favorite ingredients are now in a grain-happy package. You can also wrap up savory ingredients like a black bean and corn quesadilla.Portable Power Snacks for work, sports, or travel | Don't Panic Mom
  5. Super Savory: Cheese cubes are a favorite paired with whole grain crackers. I love Triscuits because they are affordable and have a clean ingredient list. Cheese sticks are also not just for kids. Hummus is another great source of protein and fiber, just make sure you and yours don’t have important presentations or interviews. Hummus packs a serious garlic punch.

What did I miss? What is your favorite portable power snack? 

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Disclaimer: I was sent a delightful package with Balance Bare Bars to sample and review. Opinions are mine.