Easy Orange + Kiwi Holiday Platter

HeaderParties in the dead of winter save me from locking myself in the office with fuzzy socks, an oversized hoodie, and a colossal bag of dark chocolate chips.  Well, that’s not entirely true. I have to leave the house to pick up my kids from school. But parties are my compelling reason to put on a real outfit and a few swipes of mascara. If you’re elbow deep in commitments, try this fruit platter for your next holiday shindig.

Find a serving platter and then start with your fruit. Oranges are in season – so you should be able to score some for a good price.

Slice your oranges like this:


Peel a kiwi and go crazy with your creative juices, alternating colors. You can garnish with dried cherries, currants, or cranberries.

Fruit-Wreath-for-WebIf wreaths aren’t your style – not a problem. Try this Orange + Kiwi Tree. Christmas-Tree-for-WebHere is an action shot of Big P decorating the tree with dried cherries. I love reserving a few jobs for the kiddlets. They feel so important when trusted with a food prep job.Christmas-Tree-with-PhinDo you love the idea – but your food assignment is always sausage-flavored? Or maybe you’ve sworn off parties after that ugly sweater accident last year? Don’t Panic. Try a little Orange + Kiwi Tree snack. Christmas-Tree-Snack-for-webNeed other fruity ideas for holiday gatherings? Try this Cookies & Cream Fruit Dip that pairs perfectly with strawberries or apples.Cookies and Cream Greek Yogurt DipNeed something dairy free? Try a simple, yet beautiful, Cheater Fruit Trifle.Cheater-Trifle-Header