Healthy Hostess Hack: Convenient Fruit & Veggies

Healthy Hostess Hacks! Plan an amazing shindig without forgetting your friend's health. @dontpanicmom

really like having people over at my house. It’s the only reason I clean my house. Thank goodness for guests – or my floors would house bacteria worthy of the National Science Fair. With guests in mind, let’s start planning for Super Bowl snacking. You clearly need another healthy hostess hack for those festivities. Today’s hack is about convenience:

Healthy Hostess Hacks! Plan an amazing shindig without forgetting your friend's health. @dontpanicmom

(Healthy Hostess Hack on Portion Size: Cute Single Serving Bags)

The two most important thing about convenience are:

  1. Easy to grab. (Already portioned out into a cup or skewer. Conveniently located tray.)
  2. Ready to eat. (No peeling, cutting, or other work involved.)

Make fruit easy to grab at your next shindig! #HealthyHostess

Use the power of cups, small plates, and skewers to make munching easy. Fruit can usually stand alone. However, a great dip to accompany berries or bananas is my Cookies and Cream Greek Yogurt Dip. So. Good.

Cookies and Cream Greek Yogurt Dip

As for veggies, just prep them like you would for a veggie tray. Wash, peel, and cut everything so it’s finger food size. (Translation: No giant pieces of broccoli.) Place in cups, jars, or on little plates. You’ll quickly find products that you can repurpose for a veggie holder. Let your inner creative goddess go wild.

You may consider pairing your veggies with a killer dip. Studies show that kids (and adults) consume more veggies when there’s something dippy to go with them.

Make veggies easy to grab at your next shindig. #healthyhostess @dontpanicmom

Here are some dips that my crew like with crudites. They take 5 minutes to prepare. That’s less time than it takes to read the ingredients on most dips in the chip section. So give ’em a try:

Creamy Ranch | Don't Panic MomCreamy Ranch Dressing & Dip

Honey Mustard Dressing and Dip @DontpanicmomHoney Mustard Dressing & Dip

Enjoy spending time with friends, family, and coworkers. And don’t forget to clean those floors. But your in good company. I’ll be scrubbing, too.

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