Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks {Free Printable}

{Free Printable} Brain Breaks for Valentine's Day! #Active #Classrooms #BrainBreaks #Healthy #Kids #schoolI admire educators. I even married one.  They work hard and don’t need to fuss over creating their own Valentine’s Day brain breaks. Out of my gushing admiration for you I’ve created 16 different activities to encourage movement during the school day. The puns and actions are great for PreK – 4th graders.

{Free Printable} Brain Breaks for Valentine's Day! #Active #Classrooms #BrainBreaks #Healthy #Kids #school

I laminated a few sets for my kid’s classroom teachers so they can use them for a few weeks leading up to the big Cupid Day. I wanted to make them fit the Valentine’s Day theme by putting each activity in an envelope. The kids take turns selecting and opening an envelope – which is a fun little thrill. Okay – enough already. Here’s the PDF.

Share like crazy with your educator friends, PTO buddies, or Wellness Team Divas.

{FREE Printable} Valentine's Day Brain Breaks! Perfect for PreK - 4th Grade. #Active #Classrooms #healthy #BrainBreaks
Click for 4-Page PDF

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  1. Julie says:

    Hey Ali! I love these brain breaks! I gave them to my kids kindergarten teacher out here in jeffco and she is still using them:). You aren’t planning on making any more are you? St. Patrick’s day or Spring into fun? Let me know of you do!

    1. Alli says:

      Julie! I’m so thrilled that they’re being used in my favorite state. 🙂 I’ll get to work on brain breaks for St. Patty’s Day just for you.

      1. Julie says:

        You are the best Ali! I promise…I will share with as many teachers and parents as I can!

        1. Alli says:

          Julie – They are up! Let me know what you think. They are extra silly and fun. If you have more ideas, email them and I’ll make additional cards. 🙂

          1. Julie says:

            Thank you Alli! These are great! Thank you for your quick response and turn around. I will get these printed out and delivered tomorrow.

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