In Love with Healthy!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweet Mamas! We’re off to a sunny spot for a family hike. The short legs of my 3yo combined with my pregnancy waddle should make this the shortest hike ever. But my kids are happiest when they are outside drawing in dirt, collecting sticks, and looking for bugs. I’ll gladly trudge along. I want them to build a million joyous memories of being outside together.

In love with Healthy

I hope you’ve found oodles of great ideas from the #LoveHealthy team over the past few weeks. It’s not to late to score some easy ideas for healthier desserts and simple family dinners. Head to the #LoveHealthy Facebook Page or #LoveHealthy Pinterest Page

 Last thing: Kiss your sweetheart. Kiss them a lot.

Healthy Romantic

All that kissing should make you hungry. Don’t miss any of my latest Valentine’s Day-Inspired recipes for your weekend of LOVE. Click around and find something that speaks to your tastebuds.


Strawberry Bruschetta

Heart Caprese Salad

Melt My Heart Sandwich - Whole Grain English Muffin with Melted Fresh Mozz, Spinach, and Red Bell Peppers under the broiler. Makes a great lunch!


Triple Strawberry Crepes

Cherry Berry Soft Serve with Chocolate Sauce


Easy Strawberry Syrup - only 3 ingredients


Dreamy Greek Yogurt Strawberry Dip




Easy Dark Chocolate Sauce




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