Join me in the Twitterverse Tonight!


I had no idea how to interpret the #hashtags and @handles when I first saw Hunky Husband tweeting. It was like watching a foreign language sprinting on a treadmill. Now I absolutely love Twitter. Funny how that happens. (But I am intentionally dragging my feet on Snapchat.)

Tonight I’ll be tweeting up a storm with The Family Dinner Project. They exist to help families reconnect at the dinner table. Did you know there is a literal mountain of positive outcomes when we make time to eat together?

My table is covered in scratches and decorated with crumbs. But it’s where I love to watch my kids tell stories, jokes, and develop a sense of self. It’s also where they investigate new flavors and learn how to eat real food. (Including homemade cookies.)


The theme tonight connects parents and educators with timely topics on winter health. We’re covering ideas for indoor physical activity on cold days, conversation starters at the dinner table, and including health topics in core subjects.

Come tweet with us and you might end up winning a copy of Home for Dinner by Dr. Anne Fishel. Follow @dontapanicmom and @FDP_Tweets starting at 8 pm EST. #fdpteachers

Home for Dinner