Green Food Fun: St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Activity

Green Food Fun - adjective worksheets for school

My 6yo just finished a unit on adjectives.  This got me thinking, “What is the easiest way to learn about adjectives?” FOOD.

Salty. Crunchy. Sweet. Tart. Bitter. Soft.

Munching green foods and describing them is a natural extension activity for classrooms.

My holiday philosophy is simple – Use the energy and excitement of the holiday to introduce fruits and veggies. Saint Patrick’s Day can be the vehicle to eat a rainbow of colors or discover a new green vegetable that no one has tried in the family. Why not include green tasting at school and incorporate some descriptive literacy? Everyone wins.

I’ve made a few different worksheets for PreK – 2nd grade. Email me here if you need a different format. I’d love to design a worksheet for your classroom as they investigate adjectives and healthy produce. Invite students to bring in one of the items cut up. You could even partner with another classroom to have an even larger spread of green foods!

Green Food Fun_SentencePrompt
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Green Food Fun: A St. Patty’s Day Adventure in Adjectives. This Worksheet features a sentence writing prompt at the bottom. It allows 1st-2nd graders to write in some of their own adjectives. 

If you’d rather have the students write in the food names, use this worksheet:

Green Food Fun_SentencePrompt_noText
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Green Food Fun: A St. Patty’s Day Adventure in Adjectives: This worksheet is geared toward PreK and Kindergarten.

Green Food Fun with Images
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Here is a blank worksheet if you want your students to draw the fruits and veggies themselves:

Green Food Fun with Images_NO text
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Enjoy! Let me know in comments if there’s another format you’d like to see on the page for teachers.

Taste O' The Greens! Make the hype of the holiday work in your favor to get your kids to try different fruits and vegetables. From Don't Panic Mom

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    love this idea! I’m going to do it at home with my whole family! 🙂 Here is hoping Bountiful Baskets provides some new and exciting options!

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