Mother’s Day Breakfast

Mini Cocoa Crepes with Whole Grains and Coconut OilHello gorgeous readers! I have taken a temporary hiatus as I relearn how to care for a newborn. I have worn an haphazard ponytail for the past three days and have discovered bobby pins tucked into my hair that I didn’t even know were in there. But I love how motherhood throws me into a state of mind where the bobby pins aren’t a big deal and a little milky smile is the whole world.

I managed to finish this recipe before Atticus was born. Phew. I hope you take time today for yourself and squeeze your little, big, or furry people. Any woman who cares for another has a mother heart.



Gently suggest that someone makes these crepes for you. They are so good! I made a big batch and thought it would take a few days to work through them. However, my hunky husband and kids had other plans. It’s a good thing I took the pics while they were at school.

Mini Cocoa Crepes

I’m sharing the recipe at Super Healthy Kids. It’s one of my favorite sites for easy, healthy recipes. Head over and check it out!

Mini Cocoa Crepes


Happy Mother’s Day!

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    I hope you were blessed with many hugs and sticky kisses today! xo

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