Taste O’ The Greens: 6 Fun Ways to Eat Fruits & Veggies on St. Patrick’s Day

I love a good game. Who doesn’t? A taste-testing game is just the thing to help your kiddos adventurously try new fruits and veggies. The idea is simple – Gather various green-colored fruits and vegetables and have them arranged on a tray. plate, or in a muffin tin. Have them sample the greens and pick […]

My Kids Eat Convenience Food: My Carrot-Flavored Proof that Fridge Inventory Matters

When kids are hungry, they are going to eat what they can scavenge, whether it’s a bag of exotic-flavored cheesie puffs or carrot sticks. Convenience food is whatever you deem it. It just needs to be easy to open and have the ability to be plopped into a waiting mouth. We fall into eating junky convenience […]