#LoveHealthy Valentine’s Day Campaign

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Social media can change social norms. Let’s make some happy, positive, and healthy noise on our social media platforms during Cupid Season. We will promote active and fresh options for families and schools. Think about a pink avalanche of active games for school parties, easy red-themed lunches, and lots and lots of red fruits and veggies.

Let’s #LoveHealthy!

Our first #LoveHealthy Campaign was too much fun. Not to mention wildly successful. Thanks to these bloggers and mama activists who helped make it happen:


Are you in?

Ways to Help:




#LoveHealthy this Valentine's Day!
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#LoveHealthy this Valentine's Day with an active date night! Rollerskating while holding hands...sounds perfect.

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Need fresh ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day? Check out #LoveHealthy!

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Get some great ideas for Valentine's Day with your favorite little monsters. #LoveHealthy
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 More images coming soon! Email Alli if you have a clever idea!

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